Sausalito Contemporary Art Festival at Sanyok Gallery

Poster version 4Sanyok Gallery opens Sausalito Contemporary Art Festival on August 1st -4th, 2013 

Sanyok Gallery is thrilled to launch the Sausalito Contemporary Art Festival, a celebration that will give visitors a rare opportunity to see the artworks of the most prominent and authentic artists of Northern California.
The rigorous artist preselection process was based on the following criteria: profound vision and expression, high professionalism, innovation, and talent.
Sanyok Gallery curatorial team meticulously searched through hundreds of applications to find 6 most original and talented contemporary artists living and working in Northern California. 
The team is excited to unveil and showcase the nominated artists and their work at the Festival Launch this Thursday, 6pm.

SCAF Opening Night Party on Thursday, August 1st, 6pm-9pm

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Featured Artists:

Andrew Agutos

Andrew is a recent graduate of CCA, one of the most prestigious fine art programs in the country. His cool and precise style is in tune with the high-tech vibe, which gives an interesting chance in seeing the new trend of art and tech. Andrew’s merge of graffiti, street art, and high tech gives a very novel outlook on contemporary art.

Jenny Belo

Jenny’s works are very innovative in their ability to convey very subtle borderline between abstraction and realism. With a slight tint of old-fashioned romanticism and mature grasp of color and form, she successfully achieves very bold and memorable images, which evoke feelings of joy, happiness, sadness, and loss.

Miriam Ellingson

For the art experts, the works of Miriam always present mystery and wonder. At the festival she will unveil her newest paintings, which will be presented to the public for the first time. As a true pioneer in contemporary art from the 70s, her work has always carried the unique aroma and signature of these times: exploration of different dimensions, multilayered ideas that can intertwine in a peculiar way to form the whole concept.

Naomi Miller-Wave

Naomi is widely recognized by prominent art collectors for her very authentic and sincere paintings. She is a young artist who is not afraid to show her inner conflicts and freedom of expression.

Maruis Starkey

Marius has a keen sense and knowledge of nature. You can see the slightest movements in water, leaves, and any matter, which is full of life and change. It is difficult to resist the temptation to get into any of his landscapes and enjoy to full capacity its vibes. His works have been shown at many museums including the Legion of Honor and de Young Museum.

Michal Tav

Michal Tav is an internationally renowned artist, who is well known in the US as well as in Europe.  Her works in Symbolic Kinetic Realism in 4D have been highly acclaimed in Russia, Switzerland, and France. You will get a chance to see some of her latest works in this controversial and extraordinary style.


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