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(with assistance from Tree Rivera and RWM)

Sanyok Gallery: Michal Tavrovsky and Jenny Belatserkovsky – Grand Opening Art Soiree.

Review by Veronica Rivera (Tree): I have the pleasure of taking a drive out to beautiful San Francisco to enjoy the SF night life. At the top of the list is Sanyok Gallery, on Greenwich Street in the Marina District. The gallery opens its doors for the first time, welcoming guests to its grand opening exhibit, Art Soiree. On display is a collective array of works produced by San Francisco-based artists and founders of Sanyok Gallery Michal Tavrovsky and Jenny Belatserkovsky.

Upon, entering the two-story gallery, loft and artists’ studios I’m greeted by the two hosts/exhibitors. They kindly introduce themselves and welcome me to the viewing. Right away a series of paintings catches my attention. One standout is called “Constellation of Power,” an oil painting done by Belatserkovsky, looking like an artistic depiction of the cosmos illuminating in red and orange tones, dazzling against the white walls.

I journey on to the rest of the exhibit where a variety of works by a number of artists are positioned throughout the entire space. The lighting creates a nice ambiance, complimenting the artworks immensely. Along the way I observe a still-life titled “Picnic,” whimsical looking fairylands painted in soft pastels and watercolors, portraits and figure drawings, and other mixed-media works. The gallery offers art lovers a large collection of works to choose from. Sanyok is open by appointment only so please make sure to call and schedule an appointment before visiting.

Review by RWM: Nice variety of work by Michal Tavrovsky and Jenny Belatserkovsky, most of which are inspiring abstracts with color schemes that will awe the viewer. Other artists also contribute and share their art, the selection generally more subdued than Tavrovsky’s and Belatserkovsky’s colorful compositions. Seeing the artworks presented in an actual home gives viewers an excellent idea of how they’ll look in domestic settings– where many of them will likely end up.

 artist art
Artists Jenny Belatserkovsky & Michal Tavrovsky of Sanyok Gallery.
(image c/o Verronica Rivera)

 artist art

Art in the front gallery by Jenny Belotserkovsky.

 artist art

Art in above image closer – “Constellation of Power” by Jenny Belatserkovsky.
(photo c/o Veronica Rivera)

 artist art

More art upstairs.

 artist art

Split-level view of Sanyok Gallery.

 artist art

Monoprint by Michal Travosky exhibited (photo c/o Veronica Rivera).


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